An identified name in providing you the impeccable cleaning of buildings, walkways, stairs, and a lot more!


Are the bricks at your home getting cracked and leaked? Or you want to refurbish the existing look of your home? Our brick cleaning services are not just confined to wipe down, but we do have the right gear and sufficient experience in providing our clients the staggering restoration of their homes, offices, and other possessions. What makes us our client’s top-rated brick cleaner is the dedication that we incorporate in providing you the fine-tuned cleaning & restoration anywhere in Yorkshire.




The inspection gives you an idea of sensitivity!

We begin our work with a thoughtful examination to craft a plan based on your building’s requirements. The inspection measures the type of built-in material, the bricks sensitivity, size of the structure, and how old the structure is? Team Stone Revival has qualified inspection officers who have years of experience in giving the right inspection and assisting in formulating the customized restoration module for your possession.


If your cleaning is equipped with high-tech features, it brings stunning and speedy finishing!

Our staff has access to all the essential tools that include heavy-duty lifts for skyscrapers or other substantial commercial buildings, industrial-grade hot water pressure washers, powerful but human-friendly detergents, and other certified chemicals that will give your bricks a stunning washout.


We secure your surroundings before proceeding further!

While upholding a proper clean-up, we start from wet down with a hot water pressure washer. It requires covering the surrounding plants and trees with waterproof taps to prevent them from any mishaps.  After wet downing the building, we remove the stains, scale build-ups, mold, mildew, and Gloeocapsa magma, followed by a low-pressure cleaning system. A low-pressure washer is used to remove the bacteria and dirt to prolong its longevity. However, with the pressure bar of (12 – 20) and water volume of (70 l/min), we make sure to remove the last remaining stain from your building.


High-quality and proven bricks cleaning products assure you the perfect clean-up of your bricks!

No matter how filthy the bricks are, we know how to clean them up to bring the shine back. That’s all possible with the detergents that our expert uses while cleaning your home. Biodegradable soaps are certified products from reputed brands that we take into consideration.


The final rinse is performed to get the spark back!

Now get yourself ready to sightsee the last look of your build with our so soft water conditioner. However, it also reduces the streaks in windows and doors. Once the conditioner wash is done, our inspection team examines the work for quality assurance.


A lousy cleaning job can ruin the most beautiful cleaning job, so the chemicals we choose and the cleaning manner are vital. However, the brick specialist suggests using the bucket method, but that’s quite impossible to uphold the cleaning of such massive structures or skyscrapers with a brush. A pressure washer, if not correctly maintained, can ruin the process. Hence it would be best if you had specialized hands to provide you the stunning upshots without putting slight damage to the bricks.




Your brick type matters a lot!

There is an incredible number of various kinds of bricks, and each type requires distinctive cleaning strategies. For instance, engineering bricks are excellent and don’t absorb water. The typical brick type is delicate and absorbs water consummately – Hence, we consider brick types before formulating a cleaning strategy.


We avoid using Muriatic Acid!

In a nutshell, the reason for that is that it comes in a case with one-gallon bottles of acid. It’s not a controlled substance like proprietary cleaners are. When a proprietary cleaner is made no matter who the manufacturer is, it’s much like when you see paint mixed for you at some building supply centre in which they know how to drop in specific colours just a bit at the time the computer knows exactly how much to add to get the colour you want.


However, in such a way, proprietary detergents are controlled. But muriatic acid is not made that way, and that’s the reason every year inexperienced companies destroy your possessions with muriatic acid.




Lim Run:

The expression “lime run” alludes to the patter framed by the salt as it goes down the face of the wall. Because of their white appearance, lime run stains are sometimes taken as efflorescence. During the pressure washout, make sure to have a moderate speed from sufficient distance so that bricks may have a lesser amount of leftover water to absorb.


White Scum:

Or even known as Silicate deposits that come in vertical shape on the face of your wall bricks. This scum comes in return to the use of muriatic acid while cleaning the bricks. The excessive number of muriatic acids sometimes remains inside the bricks and damages them in the long run.


Gloeocapsa Magma:

Or black stains are caused due to bacteria or fuel pollution from hydrocarbons. A low-pressure washout with powerful detergents is more than enough to remove these stains from your bricks.


Vanadium stains:

These yellow, green, or purple salt stores in the core of light-hued block units. Vanadium stains happen when vanadium salts present in specks of dirt used to make light-shaded blocks interact with an acidic climate, for example, unbuffered hydrofluoric or hydrochloric (muriatic) acid cleaners or acid rain.



Brick cleaning is tricky, and it requires high-end safety measures to prevent your every brick from getting any side effects. Hence the clean-up detergents that we use highly depend upon the inspection we give before starting the process. Our community of expert cleaners can accept the challenging brick cleaning, making it possible with the tech-rich infrastructure that we hold.


Get in touch for a future-proof brick cleaning service in Yorkshire! It’s the right time to reinforce the loopholes and fix them before it’s too late. Call us now to get an appointment