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Stonemasonry Cleaning & Repairs Doncaster

The conservation and repair of stonemasonry is one of the most satisfying services we offer at Clarke Stonemasonry. It’s a painstaking process, but one which helps us both protect historic craftsmanship for the future and present it to its best aesthetic advantage. We realise that the issue of whether to clean or not to clean stonemasonry is a controversial one, but we believe that cleaning – especially using our repertoire of gentle techniques – can often be the best conservation decision you’ll make for stone cleaning.

If you require Stonemasonry Cleaning & Repairs call us on 01302 797402 head office Doncaster.

However big or small the size of the venture is, we are beyond thrilled to work on it – whether it be the conservation or restoration of new builds, listed buildings, historic establishments, cathedrals, or monuments.

We have expertise in both the domestic and business industry. 

Our Business Services are the absolute best, our staff present industrial patrons like Business offices, Historical and also Architectural structures with a totally comprehensive and in-depth service such as indents, mortar repairs, stone replacements, deterioration and also remedial maintenance and repairs. Our team will perform a full clean down pre-inspection in order to make certain an exact picture of what task is required to be performed. Clarkstone Masonry are based in Campsall, Doncaster.

Masonry Cleaning – Heritage Approved Methods  

We ensure that any cleaning services to stonework or brickwork is carried out correctly and using the most suitable method to ensure that no irreversible damage is caused. 

We are No1 in cleaning and are highly experienced in all forms of masonry cleaning.  Due to our companies ongoing approach to constantly improve on our methods of work, we carry all the latest specialist cleaning equipment such as JOS / TORC and DOFF. 

As each building is different our Surveyors can assess and discuss the most suitable methods for use on any project.

The majority of our cleaning work is to listed buildings or historical monuments, but we can also undertake general cleaning works such as graffiti removal, abrasive cleaning and paint stripping works.

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Doncaster Masonary Cleaning Stone Revival
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Doncaster Masonary Clarke Stonemasonry

Stonemasonry Cleaning & Repairs Doncaster.

Looking for professional stone cleaning services?

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An important aspect of our cleaning services is the cleaning of stonework.

When it comes to stone cleaning we the lastest equipment of the DOFF integrated stone cleaning system, a non-abrasive stone cleaning system suitable for historic buildings. So we’ll clean your stone building in a way which respects its historic origins.