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Vandalism that occurs in the form of graffiti can occur unexpectedly and on a daily basis. Graffiti can not only damage surfaces, it can inflict a negative impact on the appearance of your premises. 

With Stone Revival’s professional graffiti removal service, you can restore your surfaces to their original condition.

Whether you need to resolve a long-term graffiti problem, or an urgent one, we can assist you with specialist graffiti removal

If you would like graffiti removed from your premises, please contact one of our graffiti removal experts or book a free survey now.

About Our Graffiti Removal Services

Graffiti on walls and surfaces can put off potential customers and negatively impact your business. Graffiti can come in many different types and styles like aerosol paints, markers, and adhesive labels. 

All of these are hard to remove with commercial cleaning methods.

Our innovative graffiti removal process is environmentally friendly and solvent-free.

 A reliable and responsive cleaning solution for removing graffiti from surfaces of various types.

The removal of graffiti needs to be fast and professional, without harming delicate surfaces or leaving any marks or shadows.

 Expert technicians deliver our services when it’s convenient for you. 

 Tested and proven graffiti removal techniques for commercial and residential premises.

What is graffiti?

Generally speaking, graffiti is an act of vandalism that can be unsightly, offensive, and may have a widespread negative effect. Graffiti is regarded as criminal damage under section 1 of the Criminal Act of 1971.

Graffiti comes in many varieties, including different types of tags and stencils. 

Traditionally, when you think of graffiti you may think of someone using spray paint or solvents, however, graffiti can also be created with marker pens, stickers, and posters.

Our Graffiti Removal Process


Book a free graffiti removal survey appointment by either filling out a form or calling us. We will arrange for your local team to get in touch and carry out the survey at a time convenient to you. Local team of specialist consultants Calls returned within 4 hours of your enquiry

Free Survey

A hygiene specialist will assess your graffiti cleaning requirements. They will then make any service recommendations and provide you with a comprehensive free quote for the work needed. Survey appointments at a time convenient for you Experts in graffiti removal

Our Solution

Our trained technicians will cater to any of your graffiti removal requirements. Use our EcoBlasting feature to help prevent and remove Graffiti Providing a fast, responsive and professional service Unique and Innovative methods of Graffiti Removal RSPH Certified Technicians


We'll follow up to ensure that you are happy with the service that was provided. Advanced graffiti prevention solution applied. Graffiti prevention advice from professionals

What is the best way to remove graffiti?

Almost any form of graffiti vandalism should be addressed immediately and swiftly, within 24-48 hours has been found to be the most effective method for successful graffiti prevention.

The removal of graffiti can be done in many ways, ranging from scrubbing with a brush to using a DIY graffiti cleaner to a pressure washer. 

EcoBlasting is a solution that uses compressed air and an abrasive to remove graffiti in an environmentally friendly manner.

How to request graffiti removal?

Get rid of graffiti from your property with our professional graffiti removal services. Contact us by completing our contact form or calling us.

A local-based specialist consultant will contact you to discuss your graffiti removal needs and provide a tailored quote after our FREE survey.

Our Graffiti Removal Solution Sheffield

Compressed air and an abrasive are used, which are selected according to the surface type and conditions.

Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and non-hazardous.

No aggressive chemicals or corrosive materials were used.

Suitable for removing graffiti paint and solvent from a wide variety of surfaces.

More effective than conventional graffiti removal methods.


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