Paint, graffiti & Gum removal

Graffiti Removal, Paint & Gum Removal & Cleaning

Our pressurised cleaning system works on multiple surfaces, including brick, concrete, stone, render, metal, plastic, wood and other surfaces, removing the graffiti without damaging the surface. We also offer anti-graffiti wall protection to counteract any further attacks.

Stone and Brick Cleaning

We are a well-established and trusted company offering  – Graffiti Removal, Wall Cleaning, Paint Removal and Cleaning service –  on residential, commercial and industrial premises in Doncaster, Askern, Campsall, Bentley, Pontefract, Chesterfield and all areas in between.

Chewing Gum Removal

When not disposed of correctly, chewing gum can soon build up on surfaces, making an area very unsightly and dirty.

Over time, chewing gum turns into a stain which can make your business premises look uncared for, giving your clients a bad perception of your business.

Our trained specialists heat the gum to 150 degrees before removing the chewing gum from the surface area using a jet of water at 1250 pounds per square inch.


1. Understanding Brick Types

There are a number of different types of bricks, with each type requiring different cleaning techniques. For example, clay brick types, such as engineering bricks, are extremely strong and do not absorb water. 

3. Highly trained experts

At Stone Revival, we have highly trained IPAF qualified technicians and are equipped with the latest technology to ensure deep cleaning of your stained brickwork.

4. Follow guidlines

We are aware of, and adhere to, the code of practice for graffiti removal set out in section 14 of the Local London Authorities Act 1995. Our rapid response, mobile teams and reputation means wherever and however large the job.

Gentle and protective cleaning

We gently remove the surface layer without damaging the substrate.

It is also very important to understand what needs cleaning off of the bricks, such as cement, graffiti, paint, organic matter or atmospheric pollutants, which can often be found on bricks and need the correct cleaning method to remove them without causing any damage.

This softer approach usually works best with TORC steam cleaning which uses superheated water instead of high pressure cold water, which will cause permanent unwanted damage if used too close to the brick.