Patio Cleaning Doncaster

Professional Patio Cleaning Services

Stone Revival Having built a solid reputation for providing 100% spotless results and full colour restorations, well established residential and Commercial patio cleaning company keeps its costs for professional patio cleaning affordable and competitive.

Our team only utilizes the most appropriate patio cleaning methods for each individual surface, offering eco-friendly steam cleaning, high-pressure patio jet washing, and patio black spot removal.

This approach not only offers the best visual results but also takes care to ensure the safety of each patio as no damage is inflicted to the surface or surrounding pointing.


We are a well-established and trusted company based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. We offer Patio cleaning on residential, commercial, and industrial premises in Doncaster.

All patios that we clean at Stone Revival are left 100% sterile after cleaning, this is a vital step in any patio cleaning process because it prevents the return of algae and patio black spots, and the surface stays cleaner for a longer period of time.

Stone Revival UK, the very best in professional patio cleaning near you. Free quotes, free consultations, and even free test clean.


Providing great benefits to any type of natural stone patio, Doff patio steam cleaning is a highly effective and efficient way to clean, and it is one of the most recommended methods we use.

When performing any type of patio cleaning service, and especially when treating patios made from natural stone, you never want to apply excessive pressure to the surface.

Even though natural stone looks and feels hard to touch, a lot of pressure can inflict many types of unwanted damage

  • Block Paving
  • Natural Stone
  • Crazy Paving
  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete



Stone patios can be sensitively cleaned using superheated water with low pressure using patio steam cleaning, an environmentally friendly method.


We are always looking for ways to improve to help deliver better quality service and total customer satisfaction. No ifs and no buts.


We have the latest set of tools and attachments for effective cleaning, preventing damage to your properties. patio cleaning at the very highest of standards.


Our professional driveway cleaning service is inclusive in terms of training, skills, and knowledge on high-pressure cleaning and other types of services.


We at Stone Revival UK use high-pressure patio jet washing to clean the harder patio surfaces including concrete slabs, block paving, and artificial stone.

This method is ideally suited to remove heavy buildups of mud, moss, and weeds from these kinds of surfaces.

To clean a surface like block paving, for example, some pressure needs to be applied to the surface in order to remove mud and moss that is packed up between the joints and over the surface, this is where high-pressure patio cleaning outperforms all other cleaning methods.

Our high-pressure patio cleaning vans are built with state-of-the-art high-pressure patio cleaning equipment that has been specially modified for each of our vans, and they are super silent as compared to conventional high-pressure patio cleaning systems.

 Moreover, the high-pressure system is more powerful, giving us the advantage of cleaning larger areas in a shorter amount of time, offering customers a cost-effective way of making patios clean.

Specialised Patio cleaning system

It is not only a safe and eco-friendly patio cleaning process, but steam cleaning in general offers a much deeper clean since the superheated steam is a lot more thorough and beneficial than cold water cleaning. 

Without the use of high-pressure cleaning or harsh chemicals, patio steam cleaning not only cuts through and removes surface and organic matter, including algae and patio black-spots.

It also kills any bacteria and biological spores on the surface during the cleaning process, preventing organic growth which results in surfaces being cleaner for longer and this cannot be accomplished by conventional cold water jet washing alone.

In order to clean patios, it is essential to kill the biological spores and leave the surface 100% sterile after completion. Our patio steam cleaning comes at no extra charge, so why go cold when you can go hot.

Patio Cleaning in Doncaster

Unlike other patio and block paving cleaning companies in Yorkshire, we pay attention to every detail of the area. We do not only attend to the obvious but also treat sections that are not frequently seen. So, we keep driveways, pathways, and patios immaculate and looking like new after cleaning operations.

Gentle & protective cleaning

Our service for cleaning Patios in Doncaster include

  • Free, no-obligation written quotation
  • Free site assessment and consultation
  • Pressure washing, deep cleaning and rinsing down
  • Oil stains removal where required
  • Re-sanding of block paved areas
  • Application of suitable sealant (optional)
  • Tarmac cleaning and restoring
  • Terraces and pathways cleaning, restoring
  • Cleaning and sealing driveways
  • crazy paving, patios and pathways, driveways
  • decking, forecourts, car parks
  • garden walls and another hard external surface
  • graffiti removal, Restoring block paving driveways
  • Petrol stations, Canopies
  • Car park cleaning and relining
  • Brick cleaning
  • Commercial jet washing


A town in northern England, Doncaster is located in Yorkshire. 

Doncaster Minster, near the River Don, has a tall tower, stained-glass windows, a Schulze organ, and a Roman wall in its grounds. 

A few minutes from Doncaster Market, there are hundreds of indoor as well as outdoor stalls and stands, including the Corn Exchange, a grand Victorian shopping centre. 

A 1914 Cheswold car is on display at the Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery.

Doncaster is developing rapidly, including:


At junction 3 of the M18 in England, Rossington in Doncaster is the location of a Strategic Rail Freight Interchange; iPort is as an intermodal rail terminal.

The South Yorkshire Joint Railway line was connected to the rail network by extension of its former Rossington Colliery branch to the East Coast Main Line.

In addition to the 171-hectare (420-acre) intermodal rail terminal set to be developed on existing green belt land, over 100 acres were to be turned into material storage, which would make this the largest rail terminal in Yorkshire.

Doncaster airport 

Cheap flights from Doncaster to the many UK and European countries are available through Robin Hood Airport, the UK’s fastest-growing airport outside of London.