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The Best Way to Restore Your Brickwork

Our Professional Expertise Can Restore Your Brick to its True Brilliance

Over time, dirt and soot can accumulate on the brickwork of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian buildings, ruining their beautiful architecture. At Stone Revival, we know how to clean brickwork carefully and leave it in pleasing condition.

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If the brickwork has become tarnished or damaged over time, we will be able to restore every inch to its original colour and features. We can clean and restore any type of brickwork.

Using time-tested, traditional methods and our modern brick cleaning processes, we have been working across Rotherham for years. To bring out the very best in your classic property, pick our brick cleaning service.

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Some bricks can become stained over time by oil, paint, graffiti, or contain weeds and other biological matter growing on the surface. that can leave brickwork looking worn out and unsightly.

If you do not have specialised brick cleaning equipment such as jet washing or high pressure steam equipment, it can be a slow, tricky, and difficult process.

Our Brick Cleaning Process | Expertise Matters

1. Scaffolding Erected

In order to ensure brickwork is accessible safely, we will erect scaffolding as little as possible.

2. Testing

This is crucial for determining the right cleaning method and requires extra-special care.

3. Remove Dirt & Dust

Having determined the correct method, we will proceed cautiously to minimise damage to the brickwork.

4. BrickWork Cleaned

When the cleaning is complete, we will assess whether - and if applicable, how - to repair the brickwork.

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Chemical Brick Cleaning

The brick may require treatment with a specially formulated, but entirely safe chemical solution, followed by rinsing carefully with warm water.

Cleaning brickwork with this method enables dirt to be removed cost-effectively without affecting, altering or changing it, preserving the brickwork’s original colours.

For major renovations, we can help with the cleaning of brickwork as part of the renovation. Just let us know before you proceed with the renovation. In order to ensure that every inch of the property looks as good as new, you should begin by cleaning the brickwork. When deciding the best way to clean and restore your brickwork, we will always apply our years of experience in the business.


We use many different types of high-quality blast media which are totally inert and safe for both the environment and our operatives. Combining this with the water added directly at the nozzle means we can minimize the mess involved for our customers. Our background before cleaning is in Stonemasonry, this means we have spent decades working on and restoring historic and delicate buildings and know exactly how to care for them and repair them.

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Abrasive Brick Cleaning

With this technique, we use mechanical cleaners to carefully remove dirt and other debris from the brickwork. Despite how it sounds, abrasive cleaning is perfectly safe for delicate surfaces like stone and terracotta – when done properly.

No method or material that we use will harm your brickwork, and we can employ modern methods such as the Vortex brick cleaning method to safely remove dirt and debris from all bricks with a powerful mist of materials. There are several methods we can use to clean a property’s brickwork, but we will always let you know which is the most effective method for your home.