Brick Cleaning and Waterproofing

Brick Cleaning and Waterproofing



We are providing services of brick cleaning and coating your exterior brick walls against water and moisture!


Bricks are one of the essential construction materials being used in homes, business centers, multi-unit buildings, and chimneys for centuries. Although bricks are not limited to forming walls, they are materials for stairs, steps, patios, and sidewalks. Furthermore, these bricks are glued together with cement mortar, and generally, these mortars are prone to absorb water and moisture. If you look closely at the brick construction, you will notice a vast number of tiny, porous voids that suck moisture and water smoothly.


Therefore, those owners who think their brick walls are relatively waterproof, sadly, they are wrong. If you are concerned about the moderate damage to your property, we have adopted modern techniques and tools to preserve beauty for a more extended period. Our relative team of experts ensures that the brick building is 100% waterproof and all the cracks, leaks, and gaps are repaired.

Reasons for Bricks Discoloration and Strength Loss

Concrete and bricks are vulnerable construction materials and will significantly be affected by time, water and pollutants. The first sign of strength loss may appear in the shape of cracks, flacking mortar, and damaging corners, which will create intrusion pass for water. It is often difficult to say what causes the water penetration in the first place; either the wall is too old, or it was left unattended for long resulting in poor and damaged condition.

A compromised mortar or permanently exposed area to rainfalls can be another reason for water leakage. Brick structures deprived of natural sunlight are not adequately heated and have no resistance against moisturizers.

Suppose you are concerned about your house’s gradual defacement and need professional advice or an inspection survey. In that case, Stone Revival can send an inspection team to adhere to all your concerns, point out the root causes of water leakage, and layout the plan for rectification according to the type of bricks.

Benefits of Waterproofing

Waterproofing your exterior brickwork can protect against external damp threats and follow-up damages. The weather can be unpredictable, with constant snow, dirt, storm, fog, pollution, smoke, wild mold, and mildew; the water and moisture can travel through the brick walls, harming them deep inside. Once our team cleans and applies a waterproof coating on the brick structure, you can witness the results within 24 to 48 hours. But you can have many long-lasting benefits:

  • You won’t have to be worried about the rain penetration anymore.
  • After a pressure or power wash cleaning, the exterior restores its natural beauty and original color.
  • The layer works as advanced protection
  • All the cracks and damaged parts are repaired
  • The coating has a significant control on reducing heat loss
  • Your brick constructed structure can live more with shine

Cleaning bricks and waterproofing your residential or commercial building is no longer a problem for you. Our waterproofing formula and cleaning services are always up for properties of all sizes across Yorkshire. Stone Revival has always been known for the quick response and delivers the services to the customer’s satisfaction.

Understanding the Building Material and Stains

It is essential to understand the building’s construction and what kind of bricks are being used to draw the final cleaning program. Our inspection team includes experts that deal with these kinds of situations throughout the year. They can identify the nature of brick and differentiate among stones, shapes, decorative cornices that appear to be brick but built by some other metal or wood material.

These confusions usually are caused on upper stories of a multi-unit building that looked like the same from a distance. After that, all types of stains such as lim run, white scum, gloeocapsa magma, and vanadium stains are observed for special treatment.

Our team may ask for the previous maintenance or cleaning record to spot any highlighted weak points or inquire about water-repellent coating applied before. If the record is not available or no factual information is received, our cleaner may draw a new plan for dirt cleaning and sealing.



After carrying out inspection and final discussion with the owner regarding our plan and execution strategy, we follow our strict SOPs to ensure safety and time efficiency. The surrounding areas are secured for any electrocution hazard, damaging of plants and lawns, personal safety, waterproof gear for cleaners, checking the correct pressure for brick surface, and fixing windows or vents to prevent water.

Brick Cleaning and Waterproof Coating Process

To start the waterproofing treatment, first, the brick cleaning process takes place by our expert cleaners. The building is wet down initially, followed by pressure or power washing system. The detergent and chemicals used for stain, bacteria, and dirt removal are nature-friendly, and Stone Revival never recommends any harmful chemical product. After the last stain is removed and the exterior is sanitized and rinsed with fresh and clean water, the inspection team assured that every corner is cleaned top to bottom.

Once the bricks are dried up, the waterproof coating is applied on the entire outer surface and is left to dry completely, which takes hours. We may need to apply more than one coat of sealer and let it dry for 24 hours before somebody touches it.

No contractor can guarantee you 100% eradicating the water infiltration. Still, given our best, we can assure you the results will help to prevent stains, prolong the brick life, and solve the water leakage problem to the optimum level.

Brick cleaning and waterproofing require specialized care and modern solutions for a long-lasting result. Our team of qualified and experienced technicians has developed cost-effective and stable solutions to protect and maintain brickwork to overcome any preservation challenge.


Either you want a waterproof coating treatment for your home, office, or any historic masonry building, we know how to safeguard and ensure a quality waterproofing solution. Call us now for inspection and estimate.