Brick Cleaning Service

We are a highly professional collective of conservation specialists, and have an affection and respect for the design and craftsmanship of period properties.

Brick Cleaning

Stone Revival are specialists in Brick Cleaning, Pointing, Decorating and Restoration, and are based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Preservation & Conservation

Our philosophy is to understand the unique characteristics of your property to ensure a living continuity. When we are working at your home, rest assured, we will treat it as if it were our own. We will protect areas that are not included in our works and act in a professional, courteous manner since we are aware that your job is our current advertising campaign.

Why torc matters when
cleaning brick

1. Highly tuneable

Highly tuneable and gentle on your historical building thanks to its swirling motion at the nozzle.

2. Safer than competitors

Competitors may use kiln-dried sand which creates plooms of hazardous airborne dust rich in silica.

3. The correct material

We use many different types of high-quality blast media which are totally inert and safe for both the environment and our operative.

4. Less Mess

Combining this with the water added directly at the nozzle means we can minimize the mess involved for our customers.

Specalised torc
brick cleaning system

We gently remove the surface layer without damaging the substrate.

It is also very important to understand what needs cleaning off of the bricks, whether that be cement, graffiti, paint, organic matter or atmospheric pollutants. Each needs the correct cleaning method to remove it without causing any damage to the brick face.

The softer approach usually works best as TORC steam cleanswith superheated water instead of high pressure cold water, which if used too close to the brick will cause permanent unwanted damage.

Regenerate your property and preserve the future

The historic brickwork on your property is much like a sponge – over time it is able to absorb atmospheric pollutants like carbon and sulphur, particularly if you are in a region of heavy coal burning. 

Not only does this dull the appearance of your building, but it limits the ability to release trapped moisture. This can lead to spalled bricks and cracked stonework where the moisture freezes in the winter months.

Gentle & Caring Cleaning

Competitors are likely to use industrial sandblasting equipment. Whilst these are effective at removing the surface layer of pollutants, these setups have almost no modulation and can very quickly destroy sound stone and brickwork, removing their details. Our expertise before cleaning is in Stonemasonry, having spent decades working on and restoring historic and delicate buildings. We know exactly how to care for them and repair them.