Professional Technicians with high-class equipment to provide you safe and effective power washing services across the Yorkshire

Nobody can deny the long-lasting effect of grime layers on the exterior walls or roof surface. The stains can cause some severe damage to the paint, and in the case of mold, it can actually remove the paint. Your home or office building exterior is constantly exposed to threatening particles like sun, dirt, rain, pollutant, car exhaust, and smoke. Gradually the continued beating of harsh elements will cause discoloration, damage, and soiling.

Well, don’t burden yourselves with worries; Stone Revival has the perfect solution for your troubles. We will be happy to provide you assistance and wash your complete exterior with modern power washing techniques and equipment. Our team of experts delivers a wide range of services keeping customer satisfaction at the highest priority.

 Why Power Washing? 

The question may arise in your mind why to go for power washing and not any other method. Well, the power washing method is used to remove the organic stains, fungus, soil, and mold with hot water. Deep stains can easily be wiped away with heated water and sensitive surfaces can be washed under low pressure. If you consult with the experts, you will be surprised to learn that power washing is the most efficient and easy way to clean your exterior walls and roof in less time. Our team of professional experts can clean away your entire unit in just one visit without causing any problem to you or your neighbourhood. Our skill full hands can achieve in hours while others might take a day. If power washing is done on time, it can save you from costly repair and adds value to your property.

Why call Professionals? 

You may have watched a couple of power washing videos on YouTube or personally witness the live cleaning in your neighbourhood. If you are thinking of investing in a power washer or renting it for a day to wash your property, drop the idea immediately. Cleaning your house with such powerful tools without any training or experience is a potential hazard. Instead of removing the organic stains, you may end up damaging your property or yourself. The washing service providers are highly trained and skilled workers with years of experience and knowledge of washing equipment. Moreover, you are likely to wash your residential or commercial building once a year, so it is better to hire some renowned company like Stone Revival with impeccable results for restoring the natural beauty.

What surfaces can be Power Washed without being damaged?

This may answer all your queries regarding which items, structures, surfaces, and portions of your building can be Power washed. With years of experience and the completion of thousands of jobs, our team can help maintain and purify your home’s beauty. Our qualified team is able to power wash surfaces recommended by the manufacturing owners like aluminium siding, stucco, vinyl siding, brick constructed wall, concrete structure, all types of roof, pavers, and windows. Every surface is much easier to clean with power wash than scrubbing it by hand.

When to Power Wash a House?

Generally, people don’t know when to give their house a cleaning treatment. It is always pleasant to hire services for power washing once a year in summer, especially between March and November. Better prepare your house before the arrival of winter’s freezing temperature. Although the season and timing of the year are important, there are few other elements (primarily visual) that can determine when to call for:

  • If you have an upcoming event to celebrate with your friends and family.
  • If the exterior is too dirty due to heavy rains, pollution, storm, or smoke.
  • Maybe you don’t know when was the last time the exteriors were properly washed.
  • Are algae, black streaks and mold have grown over the surfaces of concrete, roof, sidings, or driveway.

If the answer to these questions is yes, then it’s probably a good time to book an appointment with Stone Revival to protect your house’s beauty and bring it back into perfect condition.

Precautions to adopt

One of the reasons we recommend you to hire professionals for the job is the preventive measures and instructions they follow. These procedures are noted down by years of experience and studies; during the inspection, our technicians highlight multiple hazardous objects and prepare for them before the washing starts. Few measures to adopt before the washing are:

  • Our cleaning workers wear waterproof gear and goggles to avoid any injury.
  • Use of the ladder is strictly prohibited in our company policy, it is a safety risk, and the pressure may push back the cleaner due to losing balance.
  • Structure walls are usually connected to power lines or lines are running around the edges. All the electrical points and wires are being noted during the inspection and avoided for any risk of electrocution.
  • We clear the area of toys, furniture, bikes, or vehicles to avoid any tripping over them and also wash the bottom parts.
  • We carefully close all the windows, vents, and openings, so the water does not go inside. Our staff look for the possibility of water leakage and using items like plastic and tape for covering.
  • One of our ground staff is nominated to ensure that the power is turned off from electrical board and if any outlet is visible, it is covered with waterproof covers.

Your property should display a distinctive look in your surroundings, and our team is capable of ensuring it. Our satisfied customers have always spoken for our quality work and quick response. Our exterior restoration services are not restricted to walls and roofs only; Strone Revival is a full-service property cleaning company that can customize services to your needs without compromising the result standards.

Being the best economic and exceptional power washing company in Yorkshire, our teams are always on standby to provide you best services. To keep your family healthy and get your house clean, call us for information and an appointment.