One of the leading and certified pressure washing service providers with customized industrial equipment for optimum level of washing results


Do you remember the feeling of moving into the new house the steps were new and the driveway was freshly paved? The walls were shining and you could feel the light on them. Don’t worry those beautiful sidewalks and shining walls are still there, they are just covered in dirt.


Here come the services of Stone Revival to help you relive all the pleasant memories and feelings. Our company workers have years of experience to wash your house and surroundings in the most suitable and effective ways.

Why are we best?

One of the reasons we are best to restore the beauty of your home is our customized cleaning and washing techniques and the use of non-harmful chemicals. We are one proud environment-friendly workers’ team and our dedication is shown in our professional work as well. Our experts have mastered the art of pressure washing through years of experience and practices with industrial equipment. Most of our equipment is custom designed and improved for our company so we can take care of your property without any damage.

What are our services?

Either it’s an event or you are doing regular maintenance to bring back the beauty of your house, don’t dive in your own sweat by doing it all on your own. Call the experts who have the knowledge and the right equipment for the job. Our company offers you more than just exterior cleaning. We are expert in pressure washing these:

  • Patio Furniture
  • Walkways
  • Landscapes
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Wooden Decks
  • Hardscapes

Our services are not limited. We can wash anything from the old dirty walls to the roof with confidence and remarkable results.



Inspecting the area for an effective plan!

Pressure washing is a messy job, that’s why it is important to carry out a thorough inspection of the area prior to the start of comprehensive washing. The senior experts help us to identify the material, cleaning area dimensions, size of the structure, and how to begin for efficient and quick completion. Before washing, it is essential to identify the electronic components and high voltage spots.

Preparation before cleaning!

The preparation phase for every construction material is different. In the case of bricks, we start with soaking water. This trick prepares the bricks for cleaning. If we are cleaning the sideways, we may cover the bushes and shrubs with a cloth or plastic. Whereas your wooden deck will only require a pressure washer to blast away the layer of dirt.

Pick the right tool for the right job!

The pressure washing machines are available in a vast variety, our team already notices the materials during the inspection and brings all kinds of necessary customized equipment for wood, bricks, concrete, and likewise.

Figuring the right pressure is important to avoid any damage!

No matter what kind of brick, wood, house siding we are going to wash we test an out-of-the-way area on a small space to make sure the pressure setting is not harming. If it’s too high we turn down the PSI to the more idle setting.

Apply pressure water detergent!

Once we are sure about the pressure detergent is being applied from one point to another. We make it certain that the cleaners or detergent being used is commercial grade and are right for the pressure washer. After that, it is being left to soak for a few minutes before it gets dry.

Check for stubborn stains!

The cleaning surface is completely monitored and challenging stains are treated with a scrubbing brush. After brushing these stains can easily be removed with a pressure washer.

Rinsing the surface with clean water!

The last part will let you admire the work. The clean and fresh water rinse brings back the beauty more like brand new. Once the cleaners call it off, our inspection team takes a look for any missing spot and ensures all the work is done up to the standard.



We love your house as much as you do!

A newbie or inexperienced company worker can damage your house with high water pressure during cleaning. It is because the industrial-grade pressure machines are produced with a high-pressure water flow and they end up splintering your shining deck or gouging the wood. We Stone Revival live up to our reputation and have acquired custom-designed low-pressure machines with high flow to provide you a spotless washing.

Care for Woods!

Whether you have called us for pressure washing your wood deck, wood siding, or wooden fencing in your backyard, we are very careful and experienced in handling the situations. After applying the pressure on an idle setting according to wood washing our team of experts can clean the surface thoroughly, taking away pollutant particles and most common layers of mildew, algae, or mold.

Look out for electrical connections!

During the inspection, our team members already highlight the electrical points and high voltage installation on the structure and before spraying the water we shift the outdoor electric appliances and avoid electrical lines as a safety measure.

Wearing waterproof gear!

During the washing process, you will witness our team members wearing waterproof clothes, gloves, and goggles because the force of spray is too extensive. Moreover, it is better to keep ourselves dry, reducing the shocking chance to a minimum.


Once you witness the pressure washing working accomplishing the cleaning task with zeal and enthusiasm you will find it truly easy but it is not. The process requires a lot of skilful hands, setting the right pressure, and being attentive to the safety precautions. We have built our removed renovation across Yorkshire only by delivering the service as promised. Our customers’ feedback has always been the appreciation of our quality work, quick response, and our genuine concern to avoid property damage.

Our unmatched performance and dedication uphold us against any outdoor cleaning task. Our client’s trust and dependability speak for our impeccable results. Call us now to get an appointment