Outdoor Brick Cleaning – Make the Exterior Appealing

Outdoor brick cleaning - make the exterior appealing

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A new building has a very eye-catching, shining, and beautiful look. Its original beauty retains if you care properly, otherwise, it fades away. So, proper care, maintenance, and cleaning are required to maintain the original great look and shining of your building.

No matter what sort of brick building you own, it needs to be cleaned and repaired timely. If you want to learn about the whole procedure to make the exterior of your building appealing, stay with us till the end, we’ll guide you properly in a step-by-step procedure.

What Do You need?

Here is a list of the tools and chemicals required for deep cleaning of the outdoor bricks.

  • Plastic mat, or old newspapers, or tarp for covering the surrounding
  • A vacuum cleaner with an attached brush
  • Cleaning solution
  • Sponge
  • Hard bristle brush
  • Garden Hose
  • Garden hose spray nozzle

An Easy Exterior Brick Cleaning Procedure

After having all the tools, materials, and chemicals, follow the following steps to make your building shine.

Step-1. Perfect Weather For Exterior Brick Cleaning

As you have to work outdoors for outdoor brick cleaning, choose optimal weather for it. A moderate temperature is perfect for such cleaning as on a too sunny day, the cleaner solution would instantly dry, and on a cloudy day, the solution would not dry leaving the residual stains that would spoil the shining of bricks. So, a temperature of 45° to 50° is well suited for this purpose.

Step-2. Clear the Brick Surface

If there is any wall hanging, any decorative plant, or any other decorative piece on the wall, take it off and clear the wall. This would assist in a deep cleaning of the bricks. After this clean the loose dust and grease from the brick surface. You may use a vacuum cleaner with an attached brush to do this.

Step-3. Cover the Surrounding

As cleaner may splash around so covering the surrounding is necessary. Use a plastic covering mat, old newspapers, or tarp for this purpose. If there are nearby plants, lights, or any other exterior object, cover them too to prevent hazardous chemicals.

Step-4. Check Absorption Rate of Bricks

Checking the absorption rate is necessary for effective and deep cleaning. An easy way to do this by sprinkling water on the bricks. If the water dries out instantly after spraying, the absorption rate is high. On the other hand, if the surface of the brick turns darker, the absorption rate is low.

Step-5. Moisturize the Brick Surface

If the absorption rate of bricks is high, don’t forget to saturate them as high absorptive bricks would instantly dry out the cleaner solution leaving the spots behind. Sprinkle water on the surface of such bricks before applying the cleaner.

Step-6. Select the Perfect Cleaner for Your Bricks

As the absorption rate of bricks varies, the same cleaner solution can’t work perfectly for all bricks. Also, the nature of the cleaner may vary for lime bricks, concrete bricks, burnt bricks, or sand-lime bricks. As you’re not an expert in this field, so you can’t select the perfect solution for your bricks. A good way to choose the best is to visit the nearby hardware store and purchasing the best cleaner by telling them the nature of your bricks as they know all the consequences.

Here are some of the most effective types of brick cleaner solutions.

Bleach Solution

A mixture of chlorine bleach and water is the perfect solution for damp, mildews, mold, and moss. Proceed in the following way to prepare and apply the bleach solution.

  • Make a mixture with the ratio of one tablespoon of chlorine bleach and one gallon of hot water.
  • Apply the cleaner solution evenly to the wall with the help of a sponge.
  • Then scrub the bricks from top to down with a hard-bristled brush.
  • After a thorough scrubbing, clean the surface with water.

Muriatic Acid

Another strong solution to clean the exterior perfectly is muriatic acid and water solution. This cleaner solution is perfect for cleaning the dust, soil, or mortar strains. If you want to use this alternative, follow these steps.

  • Prepare the mixture of muriatic acid and warm water with a ratio of one and a half cups of muriatic acid and one gallon of hot water.
  • Apply the prepared solution on the bricks from up to down with a hard-bristled brush.
  • Let the solution remain there and then scrub gently with the same brush.
  • After a thorough scrubbing, clean the surface with water.

Note: Use safety glasses and rubber gloves while applying the brick cleaner as some chemicals may prove allergic.

Step-7. Rinsing the Surface

After a thorough application of cleaner and scrubbing, clean the surface of the bricks with water. Use a garden hose with a spray nozzle to clean the surface of outdoor bricks completely. Use an adequate amount of water for this purpose.

Rinsing Tip:

Clean the surface from top to bottom as it is an effective way for thorough cleaning. Also, avoid the pressure cleaning as it may damage the bricks. Such a procedure does not leave any cleaner strains on the surface.

Professional Exterior Brick Cleaning Services

It is not so easy to maintain and clean the outdoor bricks to maintain the original glow of your building. There are certain reasons behind it such as:

  • You would have to purchase such tools that are not frequently used.
  • A perfect outdoor brick cleaning needs to master certain techniques.
  • It needs too much effort.
  • It is a time-killing task.

In modern busy routine life, no one has enough time to spend on cleaning. Also, every person can’t put much effort into making his/her building appealing. All these reasons support the idea of hiring a professional cleaner.

If you are considering hiring a professional outdoor brick cleaning service, contact us at 01302 797402, we’ll restore the original glow, gleam, shining, and beauty of your building.


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