Brick Cleaning Solutions

Brick Cleaning Services

Brick Cleaning Solutions

Finding it hard to keep those brick walls, fireplaces and paving clean? It is time to say goodbye to those grimy old dirty bricks and revive them back to their original state! 

From stately colonials to simple structures, bricks have remained as a popular building material choice for years now. They are energy efficient and enhance the aesthetics of a building or feature. However, occasional maintenance is inevitable to ensure long-lasting structural integrity.

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How to start the brick cleaning process

We improve the appearance of the bricks that have been damaged due to air pollution and weather exposure. The accumulation of dirt can make the bricks look unattractive and a completely different colour from what they once were.

Be it an exposed brick wall in your kitchen covered in soot or daily dirt, your brick house exterior covered in moss, or block paved patios or drives , we can help you restore the brickwork with a combination of our expert brick cleaning service technique’s and high pressure-washers. 

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Why should you hire professional cleaners?

Brick is built to last, but it still needs some maintenance once in a while. Cleaning brick exteriors on your own can be tricky and can cause inadvertent damages to those bricks, doing it more harm than good. Professional exterior cleaners know everything about what works good on the brick and what does not. Our brick cleaning company use a professional brick cleaning method for brickwork cleaning, we avoid abrasive cleaning and cause absolutely no damage to brick surfaces.

Hiring certified professional cleaners from a reliable brick cleaning company is always a better option to help prevent further costs of repair from accidental damage.

Types of services:

When it comes to brick cleaning, different types of dirt require a different cleaning methods. 

Removing mosses, mold and mildew from bricks

Mosses, mold or mildew often grows when one side of the brick wall is damp and other side of the wall receives little to no sunlight. Treating these damaged brick walls with chemical treatments help clear the growth and retain the aesthetic appeal.

Restoring water damage

Water damage is either caused by splashing back of rainwater or rising damp. When rainwater consistently beats against the brick block, the mortar gets drenched that results in breakage of the mortar joints or brick blocks.

Rising damp is often caused due to the leakage of ground water from underneath that leaves behind a tide line. While dampness over the tide line dissipates over time, the salt minerals that remain will cause the blocks and mortar to separate and break down. Due to changing seasons, freezing and defrosting cycles can speed up damage of the brick block.

Fixing the damage using a professional who knows what they are doing can help to prevent expensive repairs in the future. 

Repointing brick

When mortar joints become soft due to excess moisture and dampness, the brick wall breaks down due to cracks. Restoration of the bricks by repointing the brickwork becomes essential. This repointing method is adopted to restore historic buildings or older houses by carefully removing damaged mortar without disturbing the surrounding brickwork. And then applying layers of fresh mortar that match the existing shade.

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Removing paint and graffiti from brick

Chemical treatments work best for removing paint and graffiti from the brick facade and are best left to professionals. Sandblasting causes lasting damage to the beauty and integrity of brick and is not the best option. The brick is rough in texture and sandblasting removes kiln-hardened outer layer of the brick, making it more susceptible to dirt build-up and moisture penetration which eventually leads to further damage.  

Chemical treatments are suitable for cleaning brick buildings, walkways, stairs and other surfaces. Improper brick cleaning methods can cause damage to your masonry. 

Waterproofing Brick

Waterproofing chimney or brick wall exposed to rain/or prolongs service life of the brick blocks. Water-resistant treatment keeps the wall unaffected by exposure to rain and moisture. It helps in preventing cracks or deterioration in the masonry caused due to seeping water. 

Why hire us?

Most companies use industrial sandblasting equipment for brick cleaning, which can permanently damage or discolour the bricks or stones. Whilst they effectively remove the surface layer of pollutants, they can also remove the details causing further damage to stone and brickwork. Right way of cleaning or waterproofing of your brick walls starts with professional diagnosis and use of special chemicals in conjunction with pressure washing.

Brick treatments depend on the type of brick work you have. We have expertise in stonemasonry with decades of experience in restoring historic and delicate buildings. We know what is right for your building and how to care for it.

We first understand the unique characteristics of your building. We use high-quality materials which are safe for both the environment and our operatives. You can be rest assured, we will restore you building with utmost care.

We safely and professionally remove different types of stains which includes biological growth, mortar stains, paint, efflorescence, acid burn, or even rust from brick, stone, and concrete.

We are certified stonemasonry and brick cleaning professionals who major in all brick restoration and repair needs. We diagnose the issue and provide right solution with affordable pricing.

Feel free to browse through the other solutions we also provide.


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