An Easy Guide for Brick Cleaning

An Easy Guide for Brick Cleaning - Restore the Original Look

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Proper maintenance and cleaning of the bricks of your building adds to its durability and also maintains its original shining and beauty. Harsh weather conditions and many other factors affect any building a lot and can fade out its basic luster and shine.

However, regular brick cleaning or at least after each weather change can restore the original look of your building. Must consider the proper deep cleaning of bricks to maintain the original gleam and glow of your building.

It’s not too easy to clean the grease and dust from the bricks, however, the procedure we are going to break here would assist you a lot to make this task easier and less time killing. Let’s move down to explore an easy step-wise formula to restore the same new look of your building.

Indoor Brick Cleaning Formula

What is Needed?

You need the following tools and chemicals to make your bricks shine.

  • Plastic covering, old newspapers, or tarp
  • A vacuum cleaner with a brush
  • A spray bottle
  • Brick Cleaning Solution
  • Hard-bristle brush

After having the above-mentioned material, proceed in the following way.

Step-1. Protect the Surrounding

Well, start by taking off all the decorative pieces and wall hangings as you need a clear wall for proper cleaning. After this, cover the floor with the old newspapers or tarp so as you may prevent the spreading of solutions on the floor.

Step-2. Prepare the Brick Surface

The second step for effective brick cleaning is cleaning the loose dust and grease from the bricks. A vacuum cleaner with an attached brush is the best tool to be used for this purpose.

Step-3. Check the Absorption Rate

Check the absorption rate of your bricks. An easy way to do so is by spraying the water on bricks, if these turn darker immediately, the absorption rate is low and if these remain light in color, the absorption rate is high.

Step-4. Saturate the Brick Surface

As high absorption rate bricks would instantly absorb the cleaning solution and the bricks would not be cleaned properly. So, must consider saturating it with any sort of spray filled with water before applying the cleaner. This would assist in the perfect and effective cleaning of dust and greasy material from the bricks.

Step-5. Choose the Right Solution

The same brick solution does not work perfectly on all sorts of bricks. The nature of the solution may vary for lime bricks, burnt bricks, concrete bricks, or sand-lime bricks respectively. You would face difficulty in selecting the best solution for your bricks. An easy way is to visit the nearby hardware store and purchase the perfect solution by telling them the nature of your bricks as they know all these things well.

An Alternative of Harsh Chemicals

For those who don’t like the harsh chemicals or are allergic to such chemicals, an alternative is to use natural solutions that are effective in brick cleaning. A perfect solution for this purpose is a 50/50 vinegar and water solution. This is not only harmless but also proves very effective to make your building shine.

Step-6. Apply the Solution

After all preparations, the next step is to apply the brick cleaning solution to the bricks. The applying method depends on the type of solution you’re using for this purpose. Here is the method of applying almost all sorts of solutions.

Vinegar & Water Solution

If you avoid harsh chemicals, the vinegar and water solution is the perfect choice for you. Proceed in the following way with this solution.

  • Apply this solution to the walls.
  • Then scrub with a hard-bristled brush or broom.
  • Let the spray remain on the bricks for 8 to 10 minutes.
  • After this time, clean the surface with a powerful spray of water or the same solution.

Dish Soap & Salt Solution

Another homemade and comparatively less harmful solution is the combination of dish soap, salt, and water. The degreasing feature of soap and the abrasive property of salt, together, clean the surface of bricks up to an unbelievable shining level. Well, to use this solution proceeds in the following way.

  • Make a solution of equal quantity of both, soap and salt.
  • Apply this solution to the bricks evenly.
  • Let it remain on the surface for about 10 minutes as in this time it would lose the grease and dust from the bricks.
  • After the told time, start scrubbing the surface with a hard-bristled brush.
  • After scrubbing, remove the paste from the bricks with water.

Boric Acid Solution

The third choice for a perfect brick cleaning is the Boric Acid Solution. The antifungal and antiseptic features of this solution are the best for a perfect cleaning. Prepare and apply this solution in the following way.

  • The foremost thing is your safety. So, wear rubber gloves and safety glasses.
  • Then prepare the solution with a ratio of one tablespoon of the boric acid in a gallon of warm water.
  • Gently apply the solution evenly with a brush on the wall with a vigorous scrub.
  • Let the solution remain on the wall for some time and then clean it with water.

Step-7. Rinse the Surface Area Thoroughly

After the completion of all other steps, the final step is to rinse the bricks surface thoroughly. Use a large amount of water so as all the brick cleaning solutions may rinse away from the surface.

Tip For Perfect Rinsing

Always wash from top to bottom as it ensures a thorough, even, and perfect cleaning. If proceeded in this way, a perfect

We Offer You a Perfect Brick Cleaning Service

Certain tools, chemicals, and material is required for perfect brick cleaning. Another important point is that deep brick cleaning needs a lot of time and also is a work of great effort. So, it’s difficult for you to clean them on your own as you would have to invest in such tools that are not of daily use. Moreover, you don’t have enough skill as compared to professional cleaners. So, hiring a professional brick cleaner is a mind-blowing idea as it saves your money to be spent on the tools, your precious time, and also your effort.

If you are considering hiring a professional brick cleaner, Stone Revival is here to restore the original gleam of your building. To get our service, contact us at 01302 797402, we’ll feel pleasure to serve you.


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